Reasons Why Direct Store Delivery Program is Beneficial

Manufacturers and suppliers have come up with a way to reduce the time within which products get delivered to a client through the use of Direct Store Delivery or commonly known as DSD. DSD is a process that bypasses traditional methods of product distribution by delivering them directly to retail stores. Retail stores are relieved of the process of unloading and stocking of goods leaving the supplier or distributor to handle it. One of the benefits of the DSD tool is in the grocery industry where there is a quick outflow of perishable goods which increases control over shelf space. Some of the industries reaping the benefits of the DSD program is the beverage, bakery, dairy, and grocery industry. Here are some of the benefits of having a DSD program for your business.

The best way to ship fragile goods and those with a short shelf life is by using the direct store delivery tool. There is a reduced risk of damage when shipping large and fragile goods not forgetting to mention those that are also lightweight. Suppliers of these fragile goods handle their goods more carefully thus avoiding the risk of damaging them. Products with a short shelf life such as bread, dairy, and produce need to be moved as they go bad quickly. Because of DSD, perishable products spend less time in the supply chain and are quickly delivered to customers.

Most retailers want to sell their goods faster to empty their shelves and restock them with fresh produce. Direct store delivery is a quick way to get products in and out of shelves and gives them a quick time to get to the market. By eliminating ancient methods of product distribution, goods do not have to stay at depots for long before they are moved to stores. Retailers can now get items with high turnover thus increasing their sale margins. Fragile and perishable goods have a way of making it to the hands of the consumer safely without any damage.

Direct store delivery serves to eliminate certain sale channels thus increasing the flexibility for pricing and sales. The retailer receives a less priced good and sells it at a lower price to his or her customers. The other benefit of DSD to retailers is that they experience low labor costs. Grocery stores can delegate the reordering and stocking of high turnover products to the distributors and thus focus on products of high margin and serving customers. With the right DSD program, you can benefit from a wide range of products delivered to your store.
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